Starting as just a dream, Thorvald & Design is a small collective of passionate individuals obsessed with interior design. Our idea started in Santa Monica 1999 where we decided we wanted to incorporate Scandinavian minimalism-based furniture in modern homes all over the world. Long years of dedicated work expanded our message and line of work beyond the US. Now our bodies of work adorn the interiors all over the world including Canada, Australia and even the United Kingdom.

Who are we

Going strong for almost half a decade, Thorvald & Design is an online retailer full of passionate furniture enthusiasts, enhancing individual and business spaces across the world. We know how valuable time is so we are doing our best to provide efficient, fast-quality service to our clients. With 50 years of professional experience gathered, our artisans design in-house furniture based on the latest interior design trends, focused towards ergonomics, Mid century modern and Scandinavian design pieces. We combine quality, aesthetics and practicality to meet the needs of our individual and business clients across the country. With the passion for high standard we’re thrilled to be able to make so many business spaces and homes beautiful now and for years to come.

Good For You, Better for Your Business

We firmly believe that you and your clients deserve unmatched comfort. At Thorvald & Design, we stand for a beautiful design that shouldn’t be confined to boardrooms. We craft boss standard dining and office chairs that elevate your space and your entire business. We’re talking heads-turning aesthetics that impress clients and customers, attract top talent, and boost the mood, no matter the type of business space. On top of that our dining chairs are made for hotels, offices, co-working spaces and many more different business spaces.

The Story of Excellence

At Thorvald & Design, we don’t just talk about excellence, we deliver it. Fast. In the fast-paced world of business, you need furniture that keeps up. That’s why we’ve streamlined our process, offering lightning-fast online ordering, world-wide shipping, and swift delivery. But speed isn’t enough. We’re obsessed with quality. Our furniture is built to last, with uncompromising craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

What Our Clients Are Saying